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Our greeting to you …

We are the Designers, Developers and Marketers of the Round Table at Shtrak and we welcome you with praise. Consider your goals achieved, should you choose our aid. Strong individually, unstoppable as a unit – we are digitally – hardened for any challenge.

Our Résumé is filled with advanced and innovative projects. These include software improvements, useful new web features and mobile applications. If we have an issue on our hands, we don’t waste time, waiting for the solution to come to us ... we prefer to create our own tools and solve this problem.


Now You Might be Wondering
“What daFridge?”

Let’s set the scene … You open the refrigerator. There is nothing left but a lone pack of milk. You pour yourself a well – deserved glass. SURPRISE … it’s spoiled. Time to go shopping. Here’s the deal – long hours in the supermarket are just irritating. If you can’t keep track of everything there is to buy, why even bother writing it all on a worn sheet of paper that’s just begging to be lost. Don’t even get us started on that chilled feeling you get, when you’ve just got back from shopping and the one thing your spouse wanted, was not on the list. 5 problems and our app can tackle them in less than 5 minutes (and one app to solve them all)

Our goal is to lighten your daily routine, using modern technology, to bring those mundane responsibilities to an end. We focus on the annoying tasks our everyday life tends to throw at us. An optimal concept, mixed with a fun and quirky design – a formula with which we can simplify any activity. Our ideas have steadily been growing in popularity all around our home country, but we think it’s time to go outside our familiar boundaries.

The success this team has achieved throughout the years would have been a mere dream, if not for our outstanding founders and all – knowing mentors, brothers Ivan and Iskren … It was they who laid the foundation of this firm and brought our team together to battle the numerous pointless complexities of our day-to-day lives.