Keep your day-to-day life neat and simple
start off with your grocery list

daFridge allows users to organize their shopping lists with ease. A wide variety of options ensures a simple and easy to use manageable grocery list.

Cool Features

  • Sharing is caring

    Get your loved one involved in your grocery shopping. Pass those groceries between each other, until you've crossed everything off your list.

  • To simplicity and beyond

    A few simple taps from our large plateau of products, and your shopping tally is good to go.

  • A notification a day keeps the spoiled milk away

    If something goes bad, we're here to help. daFridge notifies you whenever one of your edibles is past it's presumptive expiration date.

  • Grab your keys, wallet, phone and your fridge

    Never lose track of the commodities your fridge has in store. Check back at any given moment to make sure everything is refilled.

daFridge is almost done. It will be cooler and smarter than you could ever imagine. Be among the first to get it!

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